Script Advice

Personal Script Advice

My mission is to understand and support precisely what it is you try to achieve in your writing. I hope to help you discover tools to get you there, rather than imposing any set way of delivering fiction or poetry. If you feel you have outgrown peer feedback, if you’ve been crushed by harsh editors or are simply looking for a trained pair of eyes, I’m happy to work through a current draft with you, getting it to a higher standard as well as uncovering self-editing tools for your creative future.

This can happen through two bookable packages:

80 € Single-Piece Personal Script Advice

This covers detailed feedback on up to 3,500 words of fiction (ideally one complete short story or 1-2 chapters of a novel) or up to 70 lines of poetry (please ask for a personalised quote). You can choose between a 60 minute in-person discussion of your submitted draft or feedback in writing. Written feedback will include an overall sum-up of strengths and challenges as well as up to 3 script comments per standard page or stanza. I will strive to return your feedback within 1 working week.

200 € 3-Piece-Package

This covers detailed feedback on three pieces of writing (up to 3,500 words of fiction or 70 lines of poetry each), be they unrelated, consecutive or rewrites. You can use the 3-Piece-Package to create your own personalised mini-workshop, including the following options:

  • a mini-course in flash fiction or short story writing
  • qualified feedback on 3 chapters or short stories, building on each preceding feedback
  • editing one single story or 1-2 chapters into print
  • experimenting with fiction and poetry to discover your strengths and room for growth

Please contact me at for payment details. Also please get in touch if you have a much shorter or longer word count or different script advice request. I’m happy to help.

My Background

Fiction and poetry script-edited through Coill has found its way into print and online publications, among them the Bath Novel Award, Penguin Publishers, Cleaver and Westerly Magazines. What I bring to personal script services are my own experiences as a published writer and editor, many years as a tutor within the Open University’s creative writing faculty (fiction & poetry) and as a workshop facilitator and personal script advisor through Coill.


Marion takes the time to understand what my writing is trying to say and what my goal is for each piece. It’s a rare quality! And one which makes her feedback intensely useful. - Fiction & Poetry, 2016

I was writing a short story for a Singapore-based anthology and asked Marion to have a look at the document. She was able to understand which feelings I wanted to convey and how each element of the story was allowing these feelings to shine through or not. 
Marion gave me examples of how I could do it, brainstorming with me on my characters’ background and motivations. She helped me figure out how to make it work, but never actually took over the story, make it her own. She is this quiet and positive presence by your side that will encourage you, guide you, advise you but still leave you in charge of your story and of your creative journey. – Literary Fiction & Sci-Fi, 2016

Marion’s feedback is always both honest and respectful. She puts a great deal of effort into understanding the intent of the work and critiques with this in mind. – Poetry, 2016

I have used Marion’s Personal script advice service on several occasions in the last twelve months. I can say that since working with Marion, the quality of my short fiction has improved and I have come to a better understanding of pitfalls I regularly fall into and also how to hone in on areas of strength. Marion gives encouraging advice on tightening plot lines, characterization, conflict, mood and tone. Compared to other critiquing services she provides excellent detail and analysis. Her services are timely and cost-effective. I can confirm three individual pieces sent for script advice have now been published in top-tier Australian literary journals. Thanks, Marion! – Literary Fiction / Short Story, 2015-16