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Join Coill’s most popular workshop: February 2018 is another PeStoWriMo: a Personal Story Writing Month!

Get together with a lively and motivated bunch of writers of all genres (fiction, non-fiction, poetry) and meet the challenge of producing at least 500 words of prose OR 10 lines of poetry a day for an entire month!


The core facts:

  • intimate group size of 5-10 participants, all committing to go through with it to the bitter-sweet end
  • runs for 4 weeks
  • write and post 500 words of prose OR 10 lines of poetry every day no matter what, no matter how raw (to a private forum)
  • share and comment on draft pieces every weekend (with changing critique partners)
  • 2 optional live online critique meetings
  • detailed comments on a final piece by your experienced workshop coach
  • no excuses accepted
  • no judgement: shitty first drafts particularly welcome
  • >> JUST SHOW UP.
The overall idea is to get into a powerful writing momentum, to feed off the group buzz and group pressure so you simply don’t have the option of giving up. Consider this your very own writing gym.

Workshop Fees:

80 € for Pesto light
(no draft shares, no live meetings)

150 € for Pestowrimo
(includes draft shares, live meetings, 1 longer tutor feedback)

250 € for the fully coached version
(includes all features + 4 tutor feedbacks)


Upcoming workshop start dates:

February 2018

May 2018


What participants of a previous Pestowrimo workshop  said:

 The support and involvement of the other writers is invaluable. This gives me a chance to write, bravely, what I want, and not feel it’s entirely stupid! Thank you everyone and especially you Marion for orchestrating it all so well.
I have a problem finishing pieces, and Pesto pushes them along further, so that’s great!I was inspired to experiment more with an old draft (‘A Life’) … and also got started on a new story which I’m excited about writing.
Pesto really helps with my writing and also it’s very enjoyable working with others and getting a chance to read the pieces they’re working on, and your extremely helpful guidance is priceless.

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