Modern Poetry Workshop

1 Month Modern Poetry Workshop – starting 01 November 2015

Free the poetry dormant within you – by exorcising THE POET. With support from the irreverent figureheads of do-it-yourself poetry Pat Boran and Stephen Fry, we will help each other shed romantic clichés and discover our own power in bringing words to sing (or jar or jam) on the page. This workshop is a great place to start writing poetry – or to get back to it again. It is a non-threatening environment that challenges you to grow beyond writing for the feel-good factor: to write haiku and short poems for an actual audience.

The core facts:

–          runs from 17 November – 14 December

–          intimate group size of up to 5 participants

–          daily shared online activities that are fun and doable

–          basic training in haiku and “free verse” (no need to rhyme at the end!)

–          regular feedback from your peers and workshop leader

–          onomato-what? >> brush up on poetic terms & concepts

–          (re)ignite your joy in listening to poetry

–          2 live online meetings: for kick-off and finish

–          detailed comments on your final poem(s) by your workshop leader

–          come out of the workshop with a  few finished pieces and a (renewed) poetic HABIT!

What is required of participants:

–          an open ear and mind

–          at least 20 minutes a day plus a bit extra on weekends

–          prior experience or training is welcome but not required

Fee : € 80.00

Workshop duration: 4 weeks

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