Fiction Micro-Editing Workshop


01 – 27 November 2017

Every writer of fiction – no matter how experienced – can up their game by identifying their personal default micro-editing flaws and learning how to fix them quick and easy before submitting anywhere. Why does this matter?

Because you want to stay out of any competition, magazine or novel editor’s “easy to reject” bin.

Because you want your beta readers to comment on more important matters than your adjective-overload.

Because you want to be able to brush up your own piece for a looming deadline when none of your draft-fixing saints are available.

Because over time you want to grow your own competency as a writer – not just a stack of stories and chapters riddled with the same stylistic and grammar problems.

This 4-week course asks you to present your draft work at the best level you can get it to yourself. Then, 4 tutor-commented assignments help you identify and eradicate prominent flaws on the micro-level, meaning issues of style, grammar and punctuation. Depending on particitpants’ needs, this might include:

  • pruning over-writing, verbose and over-descriptive writing
  • adding sensory elements to strongly abstract writing
  • avoiding cliché, introducing flair
  • fixing errors of grammar
  • fixing prominent problems with punctuation
  • diversifying sentence length and structure
  • fixing inconsistent tenses
  • editing for concision and flow
  • quick-fix tricks to eradicate repetition

Participants will emerge with a personalised toolkit that will help them self-edit future writing effectively. Also, they will become keener critics and editors of other people’s drafts.

Workshop components:

  • tutor feedback on 4 assignments
  • handy overview over key self-editing issues
  • glossary of editing terms
  • optional self-editing quiz
  • optional live online meeting

Workshop Fee: 250 €

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