Fiction Macro-Editing Workshop



01 February – 01 March 2018

Do you struggle to find satisfactory endings to your short stories or cliff hangers to your novel chapters? Do your critics tend to point out that something is “a nice read” but they don’t know where it’s going or don’t “get” the point by the end of the piece?

Creating a functioning macro-structure for your piece of fiction is the equivalent of writing for an audience rather than for your own pleasure. It takes keeping reader expectations and satisfaction in mind. It takes specific tools and trial audiences to find out just what kind of a ride you’ve created and how it can be improved.

This 4-week course asks you to present a complete short story or chapter and to experiment ad hoc with very short complete fiction. 4 tutor-commented assignments will help you identify and eradicate prominent flaws on the macro-level, meaning your dramatic arc, suspense, pace, the combination of thoughts, dialogue and action and eventual reader rewards. Depending on particitpants’ needs, this might include:

  • discovering thrilling story or chapter openers
  • deciding on effective narrative framing
  • checking on genre-related reader expectations
  • putting enough at stake early on
  • misleading readers effectively
  • optimising pace and contrast
  • mixing thought, dialogue and action
  • tying together beginning and end
  • making your ending both surprising and inevitable
  • rewarding readers for their time investment

Participants will emerge with a personalised toolkit that will help them self-edit future writing effectively. Also, they will become keener critics and editors of other people’s drafts.

Workshop components:

  • peer feedback on 4 assignments
  • tutor feedback on 4 assignments
  • handy overview over classic story arcs
  • optional live online meeting

Workshop Fee: 250 €


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