Alpha & Omega Retreat

The 2-Day Alpha & Omega Writing Retreat
in Singapore – 24 & 26 November 2018

Unblock your fiction or poetry process, pick up new creative writing and editing tools and apply these straight away during hands-on writing sessions. Quiet writing slots and feedback-sessions included. Eye-openers guaranteed.

Thursday, 24 and Saturday, 26 November 2016
9 am – 7.30 pm
All components bookable separately.
Central Singapore venues TBA

Retreat Schedule:

Thursday, 24 November 2016
Breaking-Through Day

9-11 Unblocking the Writer
11-12 Quiet Writing Session
12-1 Lunch
1-3 Voice vs Theme (Fiction & Poetry)
3-4 Quiet Writing Session
5-7.30 Draft Critique Session

Saturday, 26 November 2016
Micro-Editing Day
(Please sign up & send a sample of your writing before 21 November)

9-12 Micro-Editing Style
Includes hands-on self-editing sessions and direct feedback
12-1 Lunch
1-4 Micro-Editing Grammar & Punctuation
Includes hands-on self-editing sessions and direct feedback
5-7.30 Draft Critique Session


The Alpha & Omega of Creative Writing

This 2-day Singapore Retreat concerns itself with the places where all good writing begins and ends: freeing your imagination and polishing your final draft.

Participants may book each or any of the above sessions individually. During quiet writing or editing sessions, you will turn new ideas straight into drafts rather than shelfing them for that day that may never come. Evening critique sessions allow you to get a varied set of responses to your day’s work.

All workshops are open to writers of poetry, fiction and narrative non-fiction.

Feel free to to join us for lunch, coffee and/or dinner after the workshops end. Food is not included in the workshop fees. Booking complete days gives you the best value for money, but feel free to pick and choose.

Workshop fees (including tea/coffee, excluding food):

Any one of the 4 workshops: 70 SGD
Each of the 2 draft critique sessions: 20 SGD
Any 2 workshops: 124 SGD
Either full day (all components): 140 SGD
2 Full days (all components): 250 SGD

Payable via PayPal to:
Please get in touch for alternative payment options.

Retreat Programme:

Thursday, 24 November – Breaking Through

Morning Session on “Unblocking the Writer”
with Master Coach Michelle Tessensohn

Michelle is a non-fiction writer and a certified Master Coach who helps creatives unblock themselves from limiting beliefs and deal with overwhelm and a lack of clarity. This workshop is suitable for all kinds of writers (e.g. fiction, poetry, non-fiction) and for all levels of experience. It addresses the bewildering challenges and road blocks at all stages of the writer’s journey. Together with Michelle, we will identify some of the personal blockages that affect workshop participants and learn tried and tested tools to break through them.

Afternoon Session on Voice vs Theme (Fiction & Poetry)

The technique of separating a text’s voice from its overall theme or mood defines the success of many well-known works of literature. Yet it is one of the least discussed or taught narrative tools. It describes the effect of pitting a surprising voice (e.g. chatty, insouciant) against the theme of a piece (e.g. sinister, tragic). Think Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse Five or any great poet who sits back eating muffins while revealing the most searing experiences. This approach might make you look at your writing in an entirely new light.


Saturday, 26 November – Micro-Editing Day

Morning Session on Micro-Editing for Style

In this session, we will kill your darlings, hunt down clichés, cure adjectivities and knock out abstraction. Bring your sharpest set of scissors for an almighty cutting session and an open mind. This workshop will equip you with long-term tools to upgrade your final draft a good few notches. Because you don’t want your piece to go straight to the editor’s bin, right?

Afternoon Session on Micro-Editing Grammar & Punctuation

Let’s eat Grandma. Or is it “Let’s eat, Grandma”? All of us are guilty of less devastating but no less annoying errors of grammar and punctuation than this famous example. In this session, we will explore the beauty and function of the comma, reign in unattached participles by the droves and ponder the mystery of complete vs. incomplete sentences. You are welcome!


What to Bring

Writing materials of choice: pen and paper or your electronic device. You are welcome to bring your own work in progress. Tea, coffee and water will be available on site.


Retreat Benefits

  • a complete mini-retreat without leaving Singapore
  • guidance by experienced writers and coaches
  • hour-long quiet writing slots, doing rather than just listening
  • feedback on your ad hoc writing
  • micro-editing of pre-sent drafts
  • improve your writing/editing for the long run
  • opportunity to network with like-minded writers


Here are some shots from Coill’s HANDS ON Singapore Retreat in June 2016:






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