Coill is Irish for wood or forest. Not only does it represent the idea of a vast outdoor space but also of organic matter that shapes itself in growth as well as under the hands of those who work it. It makes me think of trees pushing upwards in scale but also outwards in concentric rings every year. In its pronunciation it pockets an English word that stands for what we do here: the quill.

“My wish to you, dear writer, is that you may grow quite like that. In your own time. Upwards and outwards. In a wild, unkempt wood rather than a monoculture.”

That is why Coill Creative Writing Workshops address themselves to people of all ages, nationalities, educational backgrounds and levels of experience. Its mix of online activites, script sharing and longterm workshopping of writing projects with actual in-person meetings allows you to pick and choose and shape your writing journey in a way that suits you.

“[Writer’s block] assumes … that the natural condition of writers is writing, whereas the natural condition of most writers is not writing,” says the character of  W.H. Auden in The Habit of Art by Alan Bennett. If this is true about you … this could be a great way of changing it. Enter the woods and get ready to make some new paths!