About me

My name is Marion Kleinschmidt. Born in Bavaria, educated in Ireland, I’ve spent most of my life soaking in words. Reading literature (devouring it), studying it, writing for fun, commercially for bread and butter and facilitating other people’s writing. Often all of these things at the same time and preferably together with other addicts.

Marion Japan street shot

After teaching fiction and poetry writing for many years with the Open University in Ireland, I founded Coill Creative Writing Workshops as an online platform for writers of all genres and levels. My mission is to empower you to practice your art in excellent company – anywhere in the world and with any amount of time at your hands. It has been a rewarding journey to see Coill evolve from short online formats to full-blown workshops and even weekend retreats. Most thrilling however are the break-throughs of Coill writers, be it the publication of a short poem in an online mag or smelling the print on the pages of somebody’s first novel.

Currently, I divide my time between South East Asia and the US, enjoying opportunities to both teach and learn. After completing an MA in Comparative Literature and enjoying several creative writing fellowships and publications in Germany, it is a joy to see my short fiction published in Singapore: ‘Ambush’ was included in the “Tales of Two Cities” anthology published in 2016 by ETHOS BOOKS and I look forward to launching another anthology holding a story of mine at this year’s Singapore Literary Festival together with cherished writing peers and publisher MONSOON.

I look forward to reading you, to sharing my toolbox of writing tricks and strategies acquired over a decade of teaching as well as my network of fabulous coaches. Wherever you are right now with your writing, kindly consider that you have nothing to lose and the best is still to come!

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