Online Workshops

Check-out these fun and affordable up-coming Coill online workshops – from writing bootcamp to editing class. If you are based in Singapore, our 4-day island retreats might be your ticket to more writing bliss: Coill Island Retreats. Please get in touch via email to with any questions at all.

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PeStoWriMo – February 2018
Back by popular demand: February 18 is the next Personal Story Writing Month. Complete your story/ies in progress by writing 500 words of fiction or 10 lines of poetry a day for a month. This is a minimum interaction maximum output format. more


Fiction Micro-Editing Workshop – 01 – 27 November 2018
A comprehensive toolkit for all writers of fiction: This 4-week online course focuses on self-editing at the micro-level: style, grammar, tenses and punctuation. In 4 tutor-corrected assignments participants learn to identify their personal default flaws and how to fix them quickly and effectively. more



Fiction Macro-Editing Workshop – 01 February – 04 March 2018
Learn the fine art of identifying and fixing structural defects in short fiction (story or novel chapter): This 4-week online course teaches participants to self-edit their fiction writing on the macro-level, meaning overall structure, narrative framing, suspense, pacing and a satisfactory ending or cliff-hanger. more


  • Haiku Mint 4-Week Online Workshop – starting 05 February 2018
    Discover the thrill of poetry as well as the supreme art of concision in just 10 minutes a day. more
  • HOW WRITERS WRITE POETRY 7-Week Workshop March/April 18
    Boost your poetic technique with the help of outstanding lectures from the Iowa University’s poetry programme and in the company of committed peers and tutors. more
  • Personal Script Advice – any time:
    Submit your work in progress via email for qualified feedback and advice. Bet it a longer poem, a couple of shorter poems, a short story or a novel chapter. This might be a good idea to get your work into shape for publication! more